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Where do you come up with this stuff?!

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1/2/11 10:37 pm - 2010 Recap

It's a new year and I haven't posted in a long long time. Let me fill you in on what I've been doing. Most of these things can be found in photo form on my FaceBook if you are feeling so inclined. :)

To begin 2010 I took a trip to Detroit with Mike to stay in the most awesome hotel (RenCen) and sit rink-side at a Red Wings game. This was one of the best Christmas gifts I've ever received. (tickets to the game were from Mike of course)

In spring of 2010 I graduated from Grand Rapids Community College with an Associates Degree. It only took about six months for me to get my diploma in the mail...

Vacation Time!
-In May Mike and I took the Lake Express Fairy across Lake Michigan to Milwaukee to see the Tigers play and to explore the city. (I got a cold while we were there and was a grump.)
-In June I went to Cedar Point with my brother and Mike. Rode some roller coasters...thought I was going to die...watched Mike and my brother ride the bigger roller coasters...
-In July Mike and I took a long 4th of July weekend to Detroit and stayed in the Hilton. We attended two Tigers games, shouted at Ichiro, sported our homemade signs and risked heat stroke.
-In August we were off to Toronto for more Tigers plus a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame and some wandering around a strange city. (Highlight of the trip was the authentic Irish breakfast!)
-September included a visit to Chicago for Mike's birthday. We met up with friend Gabe and headed to yet another Tigers game. Also walked to Navy Pier and took a water taxi.

Also during the summer I headed to Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts for my traditional Eat-as-Many-Things-Fried-or-on-a-Stick-Possible celebration. Then somewhere in the middle of June I had jury duty with my friend Angie from work. One of the strangest coincidences I've ever experienced, but it actually made the situation enjoyable.

After taking the summer off from classes I started back up in the fall at Davenport University working towards my Bachelor's of business majoring in marketing.

October was possibly my favorite month as it was the month that Mike and I passed our 3 year anniversary and we bought the most awesome, comfortable arm chairs ever built. Two of my favorite things! <3

November had Thanksgiving.

December saw the triumphant return of TMS as well as the triumphant debut of Party Dad #1. Mike played his first show in 3 years at Louie's Bar downtown and booked two consequent gigs as a result. (Plug: Don't forget to come check TMS out at Juke's on January 20th and Louie's Bar on January 26th!) Mike also performed in a rendition of the Nutcracker put on by Caledonia Dance Center (my alma mater!) He was very excited to be on stage and did a splendid job. This also gave me the chance to teach him how to do his make-up. And then there was Christmas! Mike bested me once again by getting me the most awesome gift...a Coach purse! It is beautiful and he picked it out with no help from me. It was a total surprise.

Some other things that happened, but I can't remember when: I attended a GWAR concert for the first time at the behest of Mike (and I liked it!) I attended Star Wars in concert at the behest of Mike (and I liked it!) I slipped on the floor at work while dancing like a jackass and hit my head on the floor. Mike and I bought a new bed (I think that was this year) Mike got me a watch for my birthday. Actually I know when this happened...my birthday, I just didn't want to go back up to August to add it in :)

I think some bad stuff might have happened too...but I don't really remember it.

3/7/10 12:34 am - Saturday

I'm still alive too. =D

9/18/09 06:41 pm


6/25/09 07:23 pm - RELOAD and Blow This Album to Smithereens

Fuel does a nice job of tricking you into feeling you've made an excellent purchase, when in reality Reload may not even actually BE Metallica...doesn't sound like it anyway. Fuel is 1 of...1 songs worth owning from the CD. The rest of the songs are long, and that's good because that means there are less of them to skip through. It's a good thing I didn't actually pay for this album, I "borrowed" it from my brother, but please don't tell Lars.

6/8/09 07:28 pm - Festival 2009

I've been going to Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts since I can remember. My first trip was probably when I was 6 or 7 and I assume the tradition began with dance. Every year I used to dance at Festival with Caledonia Dance Center and when I stopped dancing I kept going to Festival just the same. I've only missed one Festival and that was due to my being very very sick. I look forward to Festival every year, it's a highlight of each summer. This summer was no exception.

The weather was wonderful, which was a pleasant change from what I'm used to. Most years it's either unbearably hot, or torrential down pour...or both. This year was in the mid 70's and partly sunny. Friday Mike accompanied me to Festival to see my sister dance on the famous Calder Stage. We each got a saigon sate (meat on a stick), CDC did wonderfully of course, my dad and brother, as well as my aunt, my cousin and her two daughters were there to see Ripsy as well. After the dancing I got an elephant ear and Mike and I headed home to watch the Tigers.

Saturday morning began a full day of celebrating Brooke's upcoming marriage. I had souvlaki (meat on a stick, in a bun), a shrimp skewer and fresh squeezed lemonade. We watched several dance groups, listened to some bands, and painted some pictures. The adult paint-in was probably my favorite aspect of the day. I created three pieces, one titled "Fuckin' around" a second which I call "Piece of Shit" and a third which was an untitled tribute to TMS.

Around 6 o'clock on Saturday Brooke, Amanda, Megan, Renee, Amy and I headed back to The JW Mariott where we had booked a room for the night. There we showered and made ourselves pretty for a night out on the town. We headed down to Bull's Head Tavern at 8pm for dinner and met several of Brooke's other friends including my friends Laura Jakel, and Amy Boom. After dinner we walked to Raggs for a night of alcohol, dancing, conversation, disgusting bathrooms and weird guys.

Brooke drank several free shots, Amy had her boob squeezed, Amanda talked to everyone, Laura drank lots of water, Megan left early, Rochelle and Nikki arrived late from a burlesque show, I don't really remember seeing Renee...and I saved my sister from a sleaze ball meat head. I slept width wise across a Queen size bed shared with Amanda and Renee.

The next morning we piled into Renee's truck and had breakfast at Big Boy on Pearl and headed on our own ways. I went to Mike's house, drifted in and out of sleep while trying to watch the Tigers game, we went to Meijer and bought groceries, and brought Jimmy Johns home to have while watching the documentary The King of Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters.

Good weekend! :D

3/7/09 05:55 pm - Everyone's doin it!

Just a line or two to say something relevant, interesting, informative or none of the above. Hello everyone.

1/19/09 04:33 pm - Smelly Kid

I need some help here. What is the most polite way to tell someone with bad body odor that they are stinky?

1/8/09 04:45 pm

This week I started in my new department at Davis Dental Lab (aka Dental Services Group). I am now in metal finishing. The work is fine, and I feel privileged to have my own work bench and microscope, but sitting all day is resurfacing my back problems and using the hand-piece is sure to cause carpel tunnel. I'm not complaining though.

12/11/08 03:35 pm - Changes

My manager just got back from visiting another Davis lab in Clearwater, Florida today. My co-workers and I were told this morning that we were going to have a meeting this afternoon. I knew it would be something to do with what he learned while he was down there. The meeting was scheduled for 1pm. At about 1 o'clock my manager came into the models room and brought Jack into a meeting room with him. (some of you may remember Jack from my previous LiveJournal entries...he's the one who sleeps at his bench and says hilarious old man things) My co-workers and I were confused by this because we assumed it would be a team meeting. When Jack came back he emptied out his drawer. He was laid off.

I was out of the room when he left, so I didn't get to say goodbye to him and next my manager was asking me to come with him. I assumed I was going to be laid off too, until I saw Sheryl and Pat behind me. That and I knew I was safe. My manager and the crown and bridge supervisor filled us in on some of the things that are going to be changing at the lab.

1 Jack was laid off because he refused to be cross-trained and was limited in the things he could/would do in the models room, as well as the fact that he has been sleeping more and more.

2 Second shift is going away. Starting next week second shift will be coming in in the morning and we will be working as one shift again. Second shift has been getting entirely too much over time (290 hours since August, this is unacceptable) and my manager thinks there are other funny things going on as well. With some other changes they are making with the way we do things in Models all the work should be able to be completed by 4 people from 8am to 5pm.

3 The rest of the lab is going to "piece work" meaning they will get paid according to how many cases they finish in a day instead of hourly.

4 Once second shift and first shift transition back into one team I am going to be pulled out of the models room to work in metal finishing or scanning. I'll then be doing piece work as well...hopefully I'm good.

12/2/08 03:44 pm - For Hire!

One of my final projects for Photoshop...

What do you think about THAT?!
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