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11/26/08 03:25 pm - Floops!

On my way home from work yesterday I read a large marquee style sign advertising something called a Star Wars Chewballa hosted by Peter Mayhew at a local school this weekend. Today on my way home the sign had been changed to read...Star Wars' Chewbacca Peter Mayhew. Idiots.

11/25/08 06:51 pm - It's not funny anymore.

Here's what I did at work today:

Articulated 25 (or so) bites
Got the glue bottle stuck to my sleeve
One benchmount
Marked margins
Glued a Q-tip to my finger
Glued a die to my finger
Glued my fingernail to my finger
Put gloves on to protect my skin

11/14/08 05:36 pm - Do you get it now?

At the beginning of every Lawrence Welk Show there are lots of bubbles floating around the stage. It's funnier if you've actually seen the show. PBS anyone?

11/13/08 08:05 pm - Ha ha. Nice hair Rafalski.

One of my co-workers said something funny at work yesterday. First thing in the morning she pulls apart all the models that had been poured the night before by second shift. "Looks like Lawrence Welk stopped by." It took me a second, and maybe no one else will get it. Apparently there were a lot of bubbles in the stone. Hehe.

Today we were very busy, but I was working hard to keep on schedule. I was quite successful, but around lunchtime (when we start cutting) I started to realize I was losing my lead, even though I wasn't moving any slower. Then I realized Jack had been napping at his cutting station. Frustrating. When we finally finished cutting he patted me on the back and said "Good job young lady." Yeah, no shit.

A girl in the CC parking lot today had some trouble backing out of her parking space. It appeared she had turned her wheel too sharply, too quickly. She had to go in to have the GRCC campus police help her adjust her car as she was at a 45 degree angle touching the mini-van's bumper next to her. I feel bad for the mini-van owner, it left a decent scrape.

10/22/08 03:27 pm

While discussing fantasy sports at work today an interesting conversation took place. I had just mentioned something about my fantasy football team.

Shelly: I thought you liked baseball?

Kat: I do...but I also play fantasy football and hockey.

Mike: You can like more than one sport Shelly...Kat you better not wear your Lidstrom shirt any more!

Shelly: Wait a minute...I thought Lidstrom was your last name.

Kat: Um. No.

Shelly: Well, I don't know anything about hockey!

Mike: What about when she wears her Granderson t-shirt?

I wonder what would have happened if I had bought that Cabrera t-shirt.

Is it funny that the guy at work in the wheel-chair was wearing a Konstantinov throw-back jersey?

10/8/08 03:17 pm - This sounds strange...

Dan Peterle needs Dan & Laura and Danica & Caine's home addresses.

I told him I would post the request here and send the addresses to him on Facebook since he doesn't have a LiveJournal and the four of you don't have Facebook! If he got ahold of you in some other way please disregard this message. Thanks!

9/25/08 03:19 pm - Oh, and I forgot...!

While Mike and I were outside the hotel, hanging out on the sidewalk, some really drunk guy was talking to us when a pizza delivery man walked past on his way into the building. The drunk guy said he wished he had some pizza. Mike, expressing that he had no need for pizza said "We have so much peanuts in our room." At first I had no idea what he was talking about, as that sentance makes no sense. Then I looked at his face, realized he was joking, and had a good laugh. His tone and facial expression were priceless.

9/24/08 03:13 pm - In addition...

Mike did perfectly recounting our trip to Cleveland, but I figured someone might be interested to hear my POV as well. I'm not sure who...but someone.

The drive to PF Chang took about 40 minutes. We had to drive through the projects and Mike kept pointing out liquor stores where we could stop for beer on the way back. Luckily we found a Giant Eagle on the way back because I wasn't about to stop at The Snack Shack which sported a sign that read "Black owned and operated"...something about it just seemed unwelcoming.

At PF Chang they bring a tray of six sauces to the table for use with your meal. The waiter didn't let us know what they were, and despite my previous experience with the restaurant, I didn't know what they were either. "Are you familiar with our sauces?" was the response from the waiter when he caught me trying to shake the orange oil onto my fork for a taste. The Egg Drop Soup wasn't as good as the place near Knapp and the Beltline.

Mike almost took some guy out while we were at the bar because he almost walked into the bathroom that I was occupying. Luckily Mike didn't yell at him...the guy just needed to fill the condom machine.

Mike said something really funny at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame and I laughed good and hard. I can't remember what it was.

After the RnRHoF we stopped at a mall on the way back for lunch. We opted for Sbarros in the food court. While waiting for our food a homeless (probably) came over to ask Mike if he had a dollar in exchange for four quarters. Mike did, and he kindly traded the hobo, leaving his pocket full of change. Another bum later asked if we had any change. Mike figured this was a prophecy he was meant to fulfill and handed over the quarters from his pocket.

Sat next to a humorous older couple, and infront of an annoying younger couple at the Indians game. Taking the advise of a vendor I bought two $6 disposable cups and got free beer. ( I hope you caught the joke here)

During both fist fights the hotel security guard seemed more concerned in keeping the fight out of the lobby than breaking the fight up. Actually he seemed more interested in watching the fight than anything. Apparently missed a lot of fun at Howl at the Moon. I think every person who came into the hotel had just been at that bar and they clearly had a good time. I wish the hour or two we spend out on the sidewalk could be condensed down into a montage. Things like that just don't happen in Grand Rapids.

The next day Mike had breakfast delivery...ie., I went down to the continental breakfast and brought him his biscuits and gravy.

I love Cleveland! I'd definitely to go back again. I'm glad you had fun Mike! Happy Birthday! :D

9/22/08 08:48 pm - Mike!

Post the story!

9/16/08 07:41 pm

Either I am the best writer in the world, or my peer editing group is lazy.

Conversation between Jack and me at work today:
Jack: Have you ever used those energy conserving lightbulbs?

Kathleen: No. Have you?

Jack: Yes, they don't work very well. They produce quite a bit of heat. It is uncomfortable to sit under the lamp.

Kathleen: Yeah, I have track lighting in my bedroom, its the same way. In the summer it raises the temperature of my room by 5 or 10 degrees. Luckily I have air conditioning.

Jack: You have air condicioning?

Kathleen: What? Like you don't.

Jack: Nope. Never have. That's why I'm so hot.

**Sherry snickers**

Jack: What are YOU laughing at?

Later in the day I finally found out how old Jack is...74. Younger than my grandma, but still 15 years older than my dad. He says some crazy stuff.
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